KluGeld Debit Card

KluGeld is not an easy name to remember. Making smart money decisions is not easy either. Take a few moments to remember our name, and join us completely for FREE, because we will help you make smarter, better decisions for a more responsible, worry free life.

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KluGeld Points

Once in a while you might need to use a credit card to pay a bill, but more often than not, bills need to be paid using a bank account. Cash Advance fees for credit cards are prohibitively high, and the cash limits too low. Use KluGeld Points instead.

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Budget Smarter

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Most important of all, we specialize in helping people who need to live on a fixed budget, and income. Learn ways on how to minimize unnecessary expenses, and live within your means comfortably.


Manage Expenses

We help our members use their credit wisely because everyone should be very careful about building up their credit card debt with nonessential purchases.

With our set of tools we will help you achieve the financial position where your available credit far exceeds your current level of debt.

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